Reigniting belief to compete against a disruptive new entrant competitor




Global franchise Head in a global biopharma organization


Reignite belief among regional, country and top 10 Executive leadership that it had a strategy and ability to compete with new highly disruptive competitors


Insocius designed a programme to set the vision and direction and ignite the organisation to own the strategy

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Core story creation
Developed a compelling top 100 leader bold core story that clearly outlined the opportunity to compete and win

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Inspire country teams
Designed regional workshop programme to ignite and inspire country teams to own the strategy

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“One community” engagement programme
Connected global, regional and country teams with a programme that enabled best practice sharing, discussion of challenges and a rapid response to emerging issues

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Surround sound communications
Developed ongoing communications via social channels to reinforce key themes, ensure rapid briefings and enable access to materials

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Rapid reaction resources
Developed service delivery approach that enabled countries to react rapidly to competitor activity with marketing, medical and payer resources



Bold new strategy agreed
by executive team and advocated to country heads


Feedback from 10 business critical countries was that
the support was high value


Programme enabled effective preparation and response
to competitive entry

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