Quickly establishing a new senior leader in a business critical role




Business critical senior leader – new to role


Establish leadership approach for a business critical role where impact would be judged on the ability to quickly identify strategic priorities, take tough decisions and gain visibility within the business


Insocius developed a high impact 90-day plan to build personal brand and presence

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Identify personal brand
Conducted personal branding exercises to identify core values and likely impact on direct reports and cross-functional team

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90 day plan
Co-produced a first 90 day plan for internal stakeholder engagement, key priority setting and gaining early wins

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Accelerate visibility
Established personal vision, future business narrative and introductory video

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Engage stakeholders
Developed internal and external executive engagement plan

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Executive coaching
Delivered a 6 month programme of one on one executive coaching to support strategic decision-making



Effective start in role, continued strong performance and business results over 2 year timeframe


Positioned as one of the highest performing senior executives


Executive coaching extended over 18 months to support continued leadership profile

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