Driving cross-regional culture change across geographically dispersed middle management teams




R&D executive leader, top 10 pharma company


Meaningfully address gaps in management ‘soft-skills’ across a geographically dispersed R&D function to enable sustained culture change


Insocius built a comprehensive training curriculum for managers focused on specific behaviours that needed to change to allow a wider culture shift

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Data driven
Using data from employee and leader questionnaires and focus groups, defined and targeted specific behaviours for improvement to address barriers to achieving desired culture

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Bespoke training curriculum
Developed soft skills “university”, a virtual training curriculum for people managers to build capabilities in; fostering collaboration, active listening, empowering teams and inclusiveness

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Sustained activity for behavioural change
Comprising of six training sessions over four months for each manager, dedicated classes enabled trainers to build rapport and deliver more impactful change

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Modelling desired behaviour
Best and bad practices were demonstrated and then role played for each of the targeted behaviours to model and embed best practice



Employee survey demonstrated employees recognised that leaders were ‘walking the talk’ by actively changing their behaviors


Anecdotal evidence provided by executive leadership team of managers employing desired soft skills in real-life interactions

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Client Feedback

“While culture shifts are slow in large organisations, early indicators show strongly positive results

Head R&D HR
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