Convening and guiding strategic alliance communications for an urgent pandemic therapeutic program




Global Head, Business Unit Communications


The client's R&D team sought to rapidly develop a product based on its historical experience with viral pathogens to address the coronavirus pandemic. Given the urgent need, the client pursued an alliance with key industry partners (and un-typically, competitors) with the goal of accelerating development and reaching more of the global community.  There was a requirement for careful alliance management as the programme took shape with communications choreographed across multiple parties. 


Insocius developed a strategic comms programme to address the complex and sensitive nature of working at speed across Alliance partners. 


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Functional collaboration - supported functional collaboration with Alliance partners and third party facilitators, drawing programme tenets and initial methodolog for programme planning and execution.  

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Milestone managment - carefully coordinated milestone management and negotiation of ownership to reduce duplication, foster shared interestes and priorities and delivery on goals for each party. 

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Generate alliance visibility - crafted strategies for each programme milestone to generate visibility for hte work of the Alliance while managing interests of each company, with consideration to accurate messaging and education through media engagement.   

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Scenario planning - led extensive, regular scenario planningto ensure partner prearedness, anticipate community questions and objections and equip external-facing representatives for positive enagement. 

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Aligned delivery - provided regular guidance to ensure aligned delivery of Alliance messages, set expecations and provide clarity for functional partners across all participating Alliance members.  



Established close rapport and positive dynamic with programme partners



Rapidly fosterd clarity on process to improve flow of milestone events over the course of the Alliance


Processes and charter captured to inform future plans and collaborations

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Client Feedback

“This was an intensive, high stakes and complex initiative, requiring new thinking and agility. Insocius’ thought partnership and support for execution were invaluable.”

Global Head, Business Unit Communications
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