Building payer considerations into organisational DNA from discovery to commercialisation




Senior Executive Team of leading biopharma


Senior Executive Team of leading biopharma was looking to accelerate the integration of a new payer and RWE function. Responsible for building payer considerations into drug development from Phase II onwards and generating observational data in support of all Phase II, III and LCM assets


Insocius supported a two-year programme to embed payer considerations into the R&D and commercial operating model




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Internal engagement campaign that enabled all functions to appreciate the emerging role of payers as decision-makers and the need for evidence beyond traditional RCTs

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Country focused roll out - roll out of a country-focused payer excellence capability programme


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Establishment of the Head of Payer and RWE as a leader in the industry
Stakeholder mapping and identification of high impact channels through which to engage.
Development of core support materials (speaker notes, slides, briefing notes)


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Embed new function and operating model - change suppport for the establishment of new Payer and RWE function and operating model including definition of 'enterprise offer' and activation of employees as advocates




85% awareness of payer needs in key functions at global, regional and key country levels


Increase in demand for RWE studies by function within 1 year of launch (in line with capability build)


Payer evidence plan built for all phase III assets within first 12 months

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Client Feedback

“The Insocius team designed activities that pushed us to embrace and role model the behaviours we were looking to build internally. We were trying approaches we had never known before but with great success. Engagement levels were really high throughout”

Head of R&D Communications
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