Accelerating country adoption of a companion device critical for demonstrating product value




Medical affairs lead, large pharma organisation


Slow adoption of a companion device used to tailor doses of a hemophillia drug was hampering the client company's ability to demonstrate product value in a market dominated by aggressively priced competitors


Insocius designed a programme to clearly articulate customer benefits and product differentiation and then support the process for country level execution

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Identify barriers to adoption
Conducted a series of interviews with medical affairs teams to clearly articulate barriers and identify gaps in capability and evidence that needed addressing

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Customer experience journey
Built an ideal companion device + product customer experience journey to clearly show combined benefits

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Mobilisation plan
Established cross functional acceleration team to set implementation goals and agree rapid mobilisation plan with KPIs

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Best practice sharing
Set up regular online engagement meetings with functional teams to set clear expectations, track performance, trouble shoot and enable peer-learning



<60% of target physicians using companion devices in 10 countries and with limited patient groups


90% of target physicians using with over 75% of patients in 20 countries

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Client Feedback

“The clarity you brought to this project meant we were able to drive forward with focus, impact and real momentum. Thank you Insocius team”

Global Head of Marketing
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